The AtoZ Gaming Show #3: Getting a job in gaming, The Esport Academy and Legion app


In this episode, Arouno and ZonoBRAH take on their mic to talk about a large variety of content. They both start to talk about what someone should do to get a job in the gaming/esport industry and the importance of building a portfolio. After that, both the co-hosts present a topic of their choice introducing Arouno’s esport project and a new program that just launched in France called: The esport academy. The show ends with a comprehensive review of World of Warcraft Legion new app: Wow companion. I hope you enjoy the video, make sure to tune in next Friday for the next episode.

The AtoZ Gaming Show #3.1: Getting a job in Esport/Gaming

The AtoZ Gaming Show #3.2: The Esport Academy and the Montreal Falcons !

The AtoZ Gaming Show #3.3: The WOW companion app review !


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