It was Wednesday evening, at Nexus Smart in Montreal. Thank to them, they invited a part of the team who make the game Dead by Daylight. What an evening !

First al of all, Behavior studio ! The studio was created in Quebec city Canada, they moved to Montreal 15years ago. It’s a small studio who’s known to create games with the passion. last behavior-studioyear they released Warhammer 40k : the eternal crusade, it is an awesome game who every fan of Warhammer 40k should play ( as I am ).

And today, in jun 2016 they released their newborn Dead by Daylight, a survivor horror game who take in place into a very deep atmosphere and in a very stressful map. The goal of the game is to be chase or to kill. You do have the option to be the killer, the one who chase four poor guy ( or girl ), and the one who kill. Or you have the opportunity to be the one who is chased, isn’t sound funny ? Why should I be the victim ? By this question I answer you, that’s the dead by daylight. The real funny part of the game is to be the one who run fornnefwn his life (and I don’t say that because it’s always me), the one who stress. This game is very stressful, you never know what’s behind you, you are in a very dark map and in plus you do have the random
factor of the team you gonna play with or against ; you can face a killer rank 15 and be rekt as hell, or have a team who won’t help when you are stuck on a spike. In plus the game doesn’t help you either, I mean, the game give you choice, but every time, you need to choose between two bad choices, you know it’s someone who says “how do you want to be kill ?”, and the fun in that is to choose under stress.

So, I had a very great time with Benoit, one of the programmers, Frédéric the sound designer and Mathieu who is the producer.

First, Benoit, it was a pleasure to discuss about video game with him, we talked about his career and how he land on a project like dead by daylight. He was student in computer engineering, and since he was a child, he tried to create games, on paper first, and at the end of his last year of college he decide to make a video game with friends, that was in 2001. After that he went to Gameloft. I don’t know if you remember the time when we
used to have not iPhones but “PHONES”. With Gameloft, he participated on couple mobile games like Moderne Warfare. And after that, he joined Behavior studio and their programmer’s team. What really touch me when he spoke about his journey into the video game industry was his passion. And that’s an example for all us out here who want’s to work into the video game industry. Keep the light on !



Frederic the sound designer, a work we sometimes don’t pay attention as a player, it means it’s well-done job ! For example in Dead by daylight, the sound is very important, one sound, in particular, the silence ! It’s actually not a real silence, you do have all the footsteps noise or of the wind in the trees. The silence will work for suspense, the killer who’s on ur back, your stress and so your life. When this silence is broken by the apparition of the killer, during the chase all the time you will have a music, a music who will popoostress you more, who will keep you thinking how to survive and where to go. This work is a
very important part of the gameplay / atmosphere, without whom the game won’t be the same.

And the last one I met was Mathieu, the producer of Dead by Daylight. We had a very good conversation about how the game should be play, and how to play it, he answered me “YOU NEED TO PLAY ALONE !!”, I was a bit surprised by his answer, so I ask why… “When we released the game, I feel like it was a social experiment”, and indeed this game by what I heard, people don’t help each other all the time, they play alone, on their side. What would you do in the same case ? in real life ? When I spoke with him about his thought on the game, he was passionate by it, it’s good to see that in the video game industry we do have a studio like Behavior who still have the fire of passion on to create good games !uhooi


That’s all for now, I will do more content about Dead by Daylight later on. Thanks to Nexus Smart bar for hosted this event, and thank for the members of Behavior devs for their time. 

Dead by Light, a game you should play ! Zonopost approve !