Demon Hunter : First Impression

First impression avec 5 days playing the demon hunter


On the 9th of August I was so excited about Legion, as you know at this date blizzard release THE “Demon Hunter.” Hell, when I first launch the game that day, my right hand was shaking on my mouse, like every start of a new expansion. I had to create my character. I was in like “come back to the future”, all the time spent on burning crusade came back to my memory, all the good times spent in “Shadowmoon Valley” trying to get a Nether drake. So, after creating my character, a night elf call “Shadowpuprle” I started my leveling. Two level of pure happiness in the “Mardum, the Shattered Abyss”. All the Legion expansion look so great, for now, but we will have to wait for 31st to have the full experience.

So… Demon Hunter… I love it! The demon hunter is like a mix between a monk on steroid and a rogue; your gameplay is based on your capacity of movement and how to avoid hits. The demon hunter doesn’t have any healing spell, but you do have the possibility to dodge the enemy with “Fel rush” ( dash forward who deal damage, 10s of cooldown and two stacks ) and “Vengeful Retreat” ( dash backward who deal damage and slow the enemy, 15s of cooldown ). In plus, you do have spells like blade dance without cooldown who deal damage and give 100 percent chance of doge any attack for one second. So basically the demon hunter game play is based on spamming “Demon’s bite” to get some fury points which are use to turn the combat in your favor. For now, after spending more than 10hours in the arena ( Skirmishes ) I still don’t know witch class will fit perfectly with the demon hunter, maybe we will see level 110!

This class is quick, agile, deals a lot of damage but, very squishy and weak. The demon hunter is my future main class, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!