On Eichenwalde, it can seem difficult to get past the choke and capture the first point, especially if the defending team is running Torb and/or Symmetra.

The common tactic is to poke at the choke and feed the other team’s ultimates, which is extremely counterproductive. Well for all you strategizers out there, here’s one for your books.

This is the flank you should fly across. You can alternatively go over the bulding in front of spawn, but that has its risks.

You’ll need a Pharah to cross the gap flank, and that’s it. Your team will only have 5 to fight 6 enemies with, but that’s fine for now. Take the top right door when the match starts. Go to that big chasm, and just start hovering to the other side. You’ll end up behind the point, closer to the enemies spawn then yours. Go through the doors and to the point, and try to back cap. If  enemy doesn’t notice, you cap the point. If they do, they’ll send a good amount of people to the point to fight you. When you that happens, tell your team to push in when they’re broken up.

         This works so well because the enemy team doesn’t expect it. They’ll see 5 people in the fight and think, “Hey, one of them is afk, this’ll be easy,” which could put them at a lower guard. I did this once in a competitive match and got the point in 21 seconds. We had gotten a full hold, so that was all we needed.
Behind the tree is the door you should put the turret in.
         Every strategy has a counter, though, and I’ll show you that too. The gap is an uncommon strategy, so I haven’t seen many other people use it, but it has a couter regardless. You need a Symmetra or Bastion that’s pretty far back, but it’s easier with Symm. Put one single turret in the door right next to the gap, where it’s out of sight from anyone above the gap. If that turret says triggers, you know someone’s back there, so plan accordingly.
        I hope this guide helps you in future matches, and consider reading some of my other articles as well.