The expansion after legion, my thought


I was thinking about writing another article on the demon hunter when suddenly, I was on reading a comic, “Son of the wolf”, and it appear to me ! Page 10 “The LIGTHT will triumph over the SHADOW this day”. It appear to me like a bomb, a nuke drop from space, Chris Metzen saying “Warcraft 4”… the extension after legion !

Let me explain my self,

As you know ( maybe not ) the universe of Warcraft was created by a cataclysmic explosion of the light and the void, this big bang result into the creation of the universe, Azeroth, titans, god etc. The light and the Void live in the Nether / the Nothingness. On the other side you do have the universe with Azeroth, Outland, for example, the void is banished from this creation, this power can appear in the physical world but by short period of time, and this apparition demand a lot of energy and power to be successful.
the void

The void was envious of the titans because of their power into the physical world, they had the objective to steal it and destroy the light and all the universe with it. As they were unable to appear in the physical world, they put their power into dark parasite also known as “old gods” ( We faced those old gods in Ahn’Qiraj, the boss C’Thun is a good example ). But they succeed to convert one titan, Sargeras, who’s now the cause of all our problem in Azeroth.

On the other side, we do have the light, creator of the universe, the world, Azeroth, basically, everything we know in the World of Warcraft. The Naaru is the direct representation of the creation of the world, they are taking shape from clouds of pure light, they are the guardian of Azeroth by preserving life from the void. You can see one in Shattrath name A’Dal.

prophet velen

So yeah, basically when I read this on the comic I was stun by the sentence of the prophet Velen. In the meantime, I was kind of afraid that, because if we face the Void, and the Light win, it’s done, no monster, no dark legion, no Sargeras, NOTHING ( expect the horde obviously ) ! We can easily imagine that the void will one-day penetrate the physical world and a war, between light and shadow who can seal the destiny of the world. And by a war between Light and Shadow, I meant real stuff, not like between The Lich King or against the Sha.

Wolrd of Warcraft is going to reach his end. It’s been 11years I’m playing this game. When the game will face his end I will be depressed but grateful to wow. But the time hasn’t come ! let’s face ( once again ) the Burning Legion and his myrmidons !