This is it, everyone ! The groups are all set for the 2016 World Championship and finally can try to predict who will win and who got SKT T1 and Koo Tigers in their groups. Make sure to let us know of your predictions in the comment our on the #zonopost on Twitter or Facebook.


My predictions for groups at least are debatable because we never know what can happen and I am always surprised by some teams performances in those events.
If I had to determine who would make out of groups I would say.

Group A: Koo Tigers (by far) and Gamers 2Group B: SKT T1 and flash wolves (good luck on this one C9)
Group B: SKT T1 and flash wolves (good luck on this one C9)
Group C: EDward Gaming and H2k (I expect H2k to perform better than expected during worlds)
Group D: TSM and Samsung with TSM doing a perfect performance in groups.

Those teams, for me, are the most likely to qualify for quarter finals. TSM got very lucky on the draw whereas C9 must be in an absolute chaos right now but who knows, we might be disappointed by some and surprised by others. I can’t wait for Worlds to start, GAME ON !

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