H1z1, the game from DayBreak, recently launched a major update and ever since that the game finally got his hype back.

Twitch streamers are back at it, youtuber gamers are making montages and eveyone is having a lot of fun. I personally bought h1z1 when it first got into steam, after watching hours Summit1g playing on it, i got hook. I actually wonder how much h1z1 games were sold just because of Summi1g on twitch, any guesses? After experiencing too much bugs and glitches, I decided to stopped and thought that the game was just a project that isn’t invested in by the company and that they were letting him die like that. I was pleasently suprisedto see that they finally divided h1z1 into kill of the kill and just survive and that they decided to give h1z1 a major re-launch.

In this video, you will be able to hear my complete review and know the potential I think h1z1 will have being an e-sport. I can’t wait for soloq to start and to see major esport organization singing teams out. I cannot wait…

Check out h1z1 website for more info.