Riot Games just launched a facebook video presenting the league of legends new champion: Ivern, the green father.

We finally have a better idea of what the new league of legends champion looks like. Riot just launched a video showcasing his spells, one by one. From the assumptions I can build from this video, I think he will have one of the most powerful jungle potentials we’ve seen in a while in the Jungler’s pool: especially with his cc and his spell that just clear a buff. His gameplay looks unique and could be a really good addition to League of Legends that already has a lot of champions. His golem that he summons with different ability looks like a great assistance for jungle clearing and more but we will have to try it ourselves to really understand the pros and cons of this champion.

Let us know what you think about this champion and if you plan on buying it right away! I am for sure excited about trying it out as soon as it’s released.

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