Legion is out since more than 24h now, and what a start, what a great start! I was surprised by the quality of the leveling, as I expected (for a player who didn’t play the beta because I didn’t want to waste my first impression) the broken isle is gorgeous. The level design is, as always legion map(maybe even better than the previous expansion) very well made. You start the leveling with the famous artifact quest who gives you the opportunity to get one of the famous weapons of all Azeroth. For example, as a paladin retribution you can get Ashbringer, or as a shaman, you can get DoomHammer or even better the mighty Apocalypse. Those weapons will follow you during all the leveling, you will get time to time to have a special class quest who will make progress into the story of Legion. But don’t be worry, if you choose Ashbringer for dps but in your heart, you feel the light and the desire to heal your teammate, around the level 102 will get another legendary quest to get your second and your third weapon as such as the Silver Hand.

high mountain landscapeThe new thing about legion is that you can choose you first region starter, personally, I chose The High Mountains. I was nostalgic about Warcraft, how powerful and attentive they were. I was not misled by Blizzard on this point, I found them exactly the same as they were 14years ago. For now legion is a beautiful game, I really enjoy playing, leveling, I take my time. Actually, I spend more than two hours per level. I’m trying to do “all” the quest I can do. Take the time to look around you, feel the atmosphere of the storyline, how sad Prince Farondis is.

Fight safe, fight smart and I catch you one the broken isle.