After yesterday’s comment from Reginald on his twitter that brought a lot of attention, Marc Merrill finally gave a longer response to the issue making the whole situation clearer than ever.

In his new response, Riot games’ co-founder talks more deeply about the company business plans as well:
“Our 2017 plans include new in-game team-specific items with revenue-sharing for teams and pros, as well as smaller steps like working with teams to sell more jerseys – currently in the NA LCS studio store and at the summer finals in Toronto – and with the cooperation of teams, we hope to bring them to our online store as well. These are just a couple of examples, and we’re exploring a lot more major steps, like league sponsorships, franchising, media rights, etc. ”


Photo of Riot Games co-founders. Brandon Beck on the left and Marc Merrill on the right
Photo of Riot Games co-founders. Brandon Beck on the left and Marc Merrill on the right

This message, I am sure, means a lot to all team owners and players and goes along the lines of Reginald’s response from yesterday. We finally have a better idea of what is going on inside Riot’s offices in the subject of the future of lolesport as it was getting to a very unsustainable situation. I am sure Marc Merrill is glad that this happened as it brings the whole community together who just want to see one thing: lolesport being awesome!

A few hours later, Reginald responded and fully supported Marc Merrill’s last statement and called all gamer community to unite under the #LCSForever:

“Marc, I agree that these urgent issues need to be addressed immediately. There is a detailed proposal signed by NA LCS teams and players headed to your inbox today. We’ll solve these problems together.


Andy” (from @tsmreginald on twitter)
Things will look better in the very near future and hopefully before the 2017 season, and hopefully, the e-sport scene concerning league of legends will build its ecosystem and will make every stakeholder happy along the line. On a side note, I hope that EU LCS will have the same ambition as it is right a less attractive market than NA LCS, by far.