Matchup Commentary #25: Braum vs Thresh


Hello Everyone !

Today we are playing Braum support with an Ashe ADC, GO FJELJORD  !

Braum is an extremely powerful support champion with unique abilities that will allow you to have a safe laning phase and have a lot, A LOT, of impact in teamfights rather as a peeler for your ADC or a front lane for your carries.
As of the matchup with thresh, in lane, make sure to stay between your adc and thresh in case of hook threats. Make sure you keep the lane bush warded and let your adc farm. Put pressure using your Q spell but don’t over commit especially if your ADC is obviously focusing on farming. With Braum, laning should easy but it gets a little harder in the teamfights. Your ultimate will serve as a engage/disengage tool allow you to runaway or chase the ennemy team for opportunities. Make sure you aim it at the carries but there will use casting time over their time in the air and because they can’t flash out of it once knocked up, it could easily snowball into more CCs and then a successful teamfight. Besides what I just said, watch the video and hopefully you can learn something out of it.

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Thanks !