Matchup commentary #7: Ahri vs Vladimir


Ahri, if you didn’t get it yet, is my go-to champion. In this game against a vlad, I explain to you why and how I am winning the matchup.
This matchup is very tricky, one of the reasons for that is that Vlad poke isn’t skillshoted and doesn’t cost any mana because Vlad doesn’t have any. One of the thing you have to understand is that Vladimir is an extremely powerful mage in late game so be aggressive, ask your jungler for ganks because you need to shut him down quick before his scaling starts. At a point on the video, I explain how, when Vlad gets cooldown reduction he starts being a huge bully in lane. Not only he is hard to lane against with cdr because he can regenerate his health spamming Q but he is very hard to gank because of his pool.
At early levels, Vlad has a long CD on his W so force him to use it with your charm for example for AHri and ask a gank to your jungle immediately, this will force him to flash and you will start applying pressure on him. Hopefully, you can increase it all throughout the game and dominate him.

Watch the video now and learn from watching me play.

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