No Man’s Sky: Why I canceled my pre-order


This is the story of why I cancelled my pre-order for the new Hello Games game: No Man’s Sky. While I appreciate the art and the storytelling behind this good looking game, I don’t like being played by the hype. This game was supposed to be amazing, it’s just meh, and because of the hype and the difference between expectations and reality, it makes me even more capable of hating it. I know it’s difficult for those companies to control the hype, but a little more communication from the studio would have been so much simpler. They let the internet set expectations by giving us brief descriptions of their new game which let an ambiguous room for perception. One day before the launch I still had no confirmation of if it was online or not, if I could play with my friends or not. I just knew some hours before launch that the possibility of meeting another player is 1 out of 1000 which shows how big is the world. Whereas I get that for some people that is awesome and that you guys might be excited of exploring alone a world with species you can rename. That just doesn’t interest me personally. I would love to try No Man’s Sky, and who knows I might like this game, but asking for 60$ for it might be a little overpriced consider the fact that the game will get repetitive eventually, and that exploring and farming will get boring very quickly if there is no meaning to it.


I can’t wait to see what Hello Games will change in future updates. Hopefully, they will be free and not paid DLCs and who knows, it might be the foundation of a great game. Let’s give them some time to deal with the hype and wait for the best.



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