The SSG 08, As It Stands

The SSG 08, sometimes better known as the Scout, has been a staple in a CS player’s
arsenal since the very beginning. Although not exactly the same in all of its iterations, the Scout has been present through thick and thin. But in recent events the SSG has experienced a serious heartache. Although not alone, serious scout players have felt the repercussions most severely. “Jump Scouting,” a practice that makes many CS:GO players cringe, has finally been altered to the point of near extinction.

Those of you who have kept up with recent CS:GO updates, thispicture might look familiar to you. This is the picture Valve released when they unveiled the jumping accuracy update. For those who don’t understand, let me elaborate. Pre-patch, inaccuracy in the air depended mainly on how long you had been in the air. The longer you were in the air, the more accurate your shot. Although not very useful in competitive play, it was still game breaking in a few aspects. This has now been changed to a more complex jumping system, making the peak of the jump the most accurate time to shoot.

Prior to the update, the SSG was the most accurate gun while jumping in CSGO, and had about a 1 second window to shoot mid-air. Post-patch however, jump scouting has become a much more demanding task. What used to be a 1 second window, has narrowed down closer to .3 seconds. Although still possible, it has become severely more challenging.

This isn’t the first time our scoped friends have been severely injured. A little over a year ago, the scope movement for the awp was severely nerfed. This lead to many pro awpers, such as KennyS, having to relearn to flick. Valve has a way of messing with the pro scene, often not for the best. When updates such as these are released, it hurts the game in many ways. Valve has grown out of touch with the community. They are just too busy rolling in money to do anything about it.

As it stands, CS:GO is struggling in some aspects. If Valve doesn’t step up their performance, this game will die. None of us want to see that, do we?