Statikk Shiv vs Rapid Firecannon



While a lot of ads items changed over the course of the last few weeks, one of the biggest debate is almost always around the following subject: when am I suppose to build Statikk Shiv over Rapid Firecannon and vice versa?
In this article we will go over the pros and cons of both items so you will be able to make your own decision in a game because frankly there is not one that is significantly better than the other, everything here is situational.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that both items have exactly the same components and the exact same cost (Zeal + Kircheis Shard, total price for both= 2600 Gold)





statikk_shivStatikk Shiv is a very interesting item because it is responding to some problems you might have trouble fulfilling as an ADC. Statikk Shiv will allow you, as an ADC, to gain a lot of wave-clear power due to the Shiv Lighting. Against a very good siege comp you should absolutely build this item over any other Attack Speed item because you will need to wave clear fast to defend your towers even if you have a mage adc such as Lucian or Ashe: you can’t rely on spending a ton of mana on every wave that comes to your towers because mana isn’t an infinite resource. Keep in mind that not only the SS ( Statikk Shiv ) will help you wave clear but will also help you push and could be as much interesting in a defensive mindset than an offensive one. Let me explain, let’s say your comp has very less wave clear and you, as the ADC, are the only range champ, well SS will help you push faster and, therefore, will help push towers faster etc. (NB: shiv lighting doesn’t proc on structures)

Something else to not underestimate on the SS is that the Shiv Lighting procs magic damage and that this AP damage can be double upon a critical strike. In this current meta where Lighting Decree’s is just unbeatable taking the 5 points in the Precision mastery in the Cunning tree, will give you flat and per level magic and physical damage penetration which will enhance your damage from your SS.
You might think that this is crazy and that the impact on your DPS isn’t huge and you are probably right if your game is 50 minutes long and that you have 6 completed items, in this case, your damage will come from your basic auto attacks and critical strikes but in the middle game when you have for example Essence Reaver, boots and SS your magic damage will not be insignificant, they will be surprisingly high. Most players ignore the fact that one of the reasons people are looking at Thunderlord’s Decree Mastery is also because of the mastery Precision giving you both AP and AD penetration flat and per level which is frankly a little bit overpowered in my opinion.


While Firecannon also benefifirecannonts from the Magic penetration acquired by the mastery Precision, Firecannon is a very good items for different reasons than the Statikk Shiv.
Even though the Rapid Firecannon (RF) will give you 5% fewer Attack Speed (AS) than the SS, it will give 3% more Movement Speed (MS).
Those number seems to not really matter because you won’t probably notice a huge difference but because this is almost theory crafting we pay attention to detail. Overall in the game as of the majority of the ADCs 3% MS > 5% AS in terms of value not because the movement speed is more important than the attack speed but just because 3% AS can’t make a huge difference whereas the5%AS won’t actually be noticeable in a team fight where you will need to hit and run all the time. Statistics wise know that RF will always be a better items but the UNIQUE passive makes the whole difference. You see, while SS is a very strong asset toward sieging and wave clearing, RF will allow you to burst a solo target by doing an additional magic damage to your next auto attack. Moreover, your unique passive called Firecannon will allow you to have additional range (35%, up to +150) in a single auto attack meaning that you will be able to poke safely during poke sessions or prior the engage of a team fight.
To conclude, the fire cannon allows you to run faster and gives you a lot more range on your next auto attack that will be energized (additional magic damage on hit) which means that you will have more ease going for poke with auto attacks and you will take fewer risks doing it.
The Statikk Shiv will allow you to push faster the minion waves which could be beneficial for both aggressive or defensive situations.

To make things simple for you, if you lack wave clear and your team lacks wave clear build statikk shiv, if not build firecannon. There is not a champion that needs way more one than the others necessarily. For example, it will come to people’s minds that Vayne must have a Statikk Shiv because she sucks at clearing waves, well if your team has Brand support, Ziggs mid and Lissandra top for example you won’t need more wave clear and your team will want you to invest your gold on single target damage so you can do your job properly.

I really hope this article helped you understand the dilemma you had between choosing between Statikk Shiv or Firecannon. If you have any questions feel free to use the comment section down below.