Blizzard once again proposes a beautiful content to expose the storyline of the expansion World of Warcraft : Legion. This time, we do have the opportunity to read or to listen to the story of what happen between Draenor and Legion. This time, in particular, it’s the first time where blizzard call the memory of the RTS ( Real time strategy ) Warcraft III


tomb of sargeras warcraft III

Wacraft III : Tomb of Sargeras

Indeed, this story tells the quest of Gul’dan on the Broken isles, to find the tomb of Sargeras. Kil’jaeden speak to him through his mind. The demon cannot appear that easily on Azeroth, he speaks from the void and guides Gul’dan, his minions into his quest. So Gul’dan just woke up from a hard passage between death and life, Draenor and Azeroth, he doesn’t want to obey, but when he accepts the power of the Burning Legion he accepts the fact of being a minion of his masters, Kil Jaden and Archimond. He wonders too, where he is. ( And that’swhere Blizzard calls for our memory of Warcraft III. I don’t know if you remember, but the broken Isles has always been in Azeroth, even though in the World of Warcraft before legion, it wasn’t visible. It is mainly because Kil’jaeden was protecting the island with a magic spell. )


Kil Jaeden

Kil’jaeden reveal to Gul’dan that he already went to this island. ( Yes ! you don’t dream ! do not forget that the Gul’dan we know from draenor and legion is not the same as the Gul’dan from Warcraft. The Gul’dan from Warcraft has been kill by Illidan himself. ) Kil’jaeden upset tells to Gul’dan that the one from the other time line, fail miserably. He don’t want to accept that the Gul’dan from the other timeline is him ( I know it’s messed up ), and in plus when Kil’jaeden remind him that he fail in Draenor, he is getting upset, but the time of treason has not come !


Suddenly, a watcher appears, with a long dark cloak, two blades on the back. Gul’dan think about killing her, and drink her soul, instead, he follows her. A group of watcher discusses, the women with the dark cloak is Maiev, the leader of the watchers and the one who catch Illidan in the dark temple. ( The watchers are the one since century’s now, are hunting and after guarding the Illidari. The first time we saw them it was in Warcraft III, when we had to chase down Illidan ).



Maeiv Watcher

Maieve, Leader of the Wacther 

Then a crow appears in the sky, he land, it is the well-known archmage Khadgar. Gul’dan have the chance to kill them both, he wants to, Kil’jaeden recall him to his duty, to obey. He is tired of obeying, he wants to rule Azeroth, alone.

After that scene, Gul’dan moved to the main island, to search the tomb of Sargeras, the main goal for Kil’jaeden. Kil’jaeden thinks that with the power of the Sargeras he can open a gate between the void and azeroth. (“You open the way for us” that is what Kil’jaeden say to Gul’dan, it is revealing the plan of the general). Gul’dan in front of the tomb realize that it is his work, he is the one who create this island and this tomb. After disabling the security system, he enters into the tomb.





And it’s the end of the first part of “The tomb of Sargeras – Part one : The fate of another”. This episode is really revealing the position of Blizzard on their new approach for the new players. If you haven’t played Warcraft or the previous expansion of the world of warcraft you do have the tools to be update on the main story, what is happening and why. I seriously think that this is a beautiful way to approach new players, a new public and even the regular players, the one’s who playe world of Warcraft since the beginning, it’s a reminder.





 coming next : Part 2

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