TSM wins the 2016 NA LCS Summer split championship in a 3-1 series against Cloud 9.

After a 17-1 summer season, Reginald’s Team Solo Mid took on the playoffs in a dominating fashion. After stomping on CLG in the semifinals, they only gave up one match to Cloud9 in the finals to finally win the title putting an end to an incredible season which awarded them the seed #1 to represent North America at the World Championship.

Cloud 9 showed a lot of flaws all throughout the series, despite one good game where Jensen successfully took an early advantage over Bjergsen, TSM pretty much dominated everything else. Cloud 9 could have done way better if they just stuck to less exotic picks and played more against Bjergsen in early. I feel like the star mid laner of TSM was left alone too many times allowing him to farm and do well against Jensen. I also notice that the vision control investments were lower in C9 line-up which let Svenskeren play as he pleased. Easier said than done, but I think that Cloud 9 has a lot to learn from this finals before their qualifier for Worlds. Don’t forget that there is still chance that you’ll see them at worlds; they will have to beat Envy, Liquid, and Immortals, yep… just that.

Let’s talk TSM now; I can still hear the “TSM…TSM…TSM” chants in my head. I didn’t mention it before but what a great show it was in Toronto, what an insane crowd! If you were there and you are reading this, make sure to send me some pictures and share the experience. TSM was great during the series despite one match where I want to say; they started on the wrong foot. Svenskeren, who was awarded MVP of the series, was fantastic. He is the essence of what a jungle is capable of doing for his teammates. With proper positioning in the game, good vision control and great ganks, he managed to bring his team to the next level. With two gragas and 2 Rek’Sai fantastic games, he deserves to take home this MVP title.

In addition to all of that, all TSM members were performing better than ever showed during the split. Each individually first and in a team environment second were amazing. I sincerely think that TSM is our best shot at Worlds compared to any Occidental teams. We will have to wait but I really hope they train even harder and make us proud. GG.