yogg-saronWith the recent entry of the new Hearthstone expansion, One Night in Karazhan, this article would be considered old news as I would like to discuss my own opinion about my favorite Hearthstone card, one of the Old Gods himself, Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End. Either way, I’d say the more players play and write about him, the merrier. Fair warning though. I’m still in the competitive-casual phase as I’ve only started playing Hearthstone last May. I’m still missing a lot of cards and trying to go up the ladder a few games at a time with the limited cards that I have. I was able to go up to level 9 using a non-meta Mage deck on my third month which is an accomplishment in itself. Read on if you wanna check a fellow player’s insights on Yogg-Saron.

To those unfamiliar or new to Hearthstone, Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End is a 10 mana cost legendary with a power of 7 and toughness of 5. He is one of the legendaries that can be acquired via the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion either through free packs or gold/cash purchase.

yogg-saron_hopes_end_golden_animatedI consider Yogg-Saron to be one of the most powerful, if not the most, legendary on Hearthstone not because he automatically wins the game for you but because he doesn’t serve any particular master or player. Casting him is a play on fate, a silent prayer thrown to the wind. That everything will turn out in one’s favor after his anger or benevolence has subsided. In essence, he is a reflection of our daily lives. That subconscious wish for the day to turn out to be a good one rather than the opposite.I currently play him with my Yogg & Load and Tempo Mage decks. I play mostly control and tempo decks. Here are a few tips if you rarely include Yogg-Saron in your decks.

To maximize Yogg-Saron’s potential and to get the most out of him, certain conditions need to be met. Be aware that even if everything looks to be good on your end, be prepared to be surprised. The most important aspect is the number of spells you’ve cast. The more, the better. Ideal would be about 12 spells upwards. Even if his early spells go bad on you and your characters, there’s always the chance that everything will be rectified once he’s done. The second requirement is your life total should preferably be still in double digits and with a better life total than the opponent. This protects you from losing outright from direct damage spells like a Pyroblast on your face. If it’s towards an opponent’s face or character, then you’ve been blessed. The last one is a personal observation. I feel that Yogg shouldn’t be cast on his own on your end. It’s turned some games for me if I have at least one other creature besides him. Of course, the opponent has to have more on the board than you have. Casting him by his lonesome is like committing suicide.

If you haven’t played with Yogg-Saron yet or have tried him on but didn’t like the initial outcome, don’t give up on him. Just follow the tips above and for sure, you’ll be making Yogg-centric decks in no time. That I can guarantee.

Praise Yogg!